Chuck Pinnell is a veteran member of Austin's celebrated film and music community, honing skills in both worlds from 1978 to the present. His accomplishments include creating vibrantly original scores for the influential indie classics The Whole Shoot'n Match and Last Night at the Alamo, producing the Austin All-Star Civil War album Dark River, joining forces with Rich Brotherton to create the intense guitar and folk instrument score for Al Rienert's award winning documentary An Unreal Dream:The Michael Morton Story(airing on CNN Films in 2014), and collaborating with Peter Stopchinski on the lush guitar and orchestra score for Rienert's stiring follow-up, Audubon(airing nationally on PBS in March and April 2017). Most recently Chuck has returned to a project first begun with his legendary older brother, the late great independent film director Eagle Pennell- creating the template for an extended television series which finally brings to life the incredible untold story of Henry McCarty, better known as Billy the Kid.


Born into a west Texas ranching family, it's not surprising that Chuck's work often recalls the past with authentic grit, and grace. His musical training and influences stretch from Mozart to Ry Cooder, from Duke Ellington to Doc Watson to Bob Dylan. A Pinnell film score can be sparse and unconventional, and at pay-off time - lush and emotional. As a screenwriter, Chuck has been tempered by a great respect for Ernest Hemingway, and for contemporary filmmakers and writers like Quentin Tarantino, Vince Gilligan and Julian Fellowes. Through a challenging spate of film and music projects, Chuck Pinnell has been privileged to work with talented new comers as well as a number of Texas music and film icons, including James McMurtry and Rick Linklater, Jerry Jeff Walker and Eagle Pennell, Jimmy LaFave and Al Rienert. 


Whether producing albums, creating film scores, or writing and producing film projects-Chuck Pinnell has consistently proven his ability to generate unique and evocative ideas, and to lead high level projects with a sure hand.